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Jodeci Quotes

Trying to maintain. You've seen us, you've heard us.but we've been doing our thing. Jodeci took a break and K-Ci and Jo-Jo's duet project came out and that went very well and we want to thank everybody for that! But other than that we've just been in the studio working on Jodeci's music!

It was '89 and we took a ride to New York. We had like $300 amongst us because it was four of us and we spent that by the time we got to New York. So by the time we got to New York we were broke and we checked into a hotel and we were like, "We gotta get a deal the next day." So we looked in the yellow pages and found our favorite record company, went up there and got signed actually the same day.

I think as far as the music, we came out and redefined the sound of R&B at the time. Everybody thought, (before they saw us) that we were a lot older than what we were because we had a really mature sound. So it was kind of shocking both ways and I just think that we stayed the course. We didn't go out and seek a lot of outside producers or writers or guest appearances, we were just a self-contained group. I think that really set us apart as a band, not just a group.

First of all, it's God. All four of us were raised in and church and we still are being raised in church. My mother and father were gospel singers, and still are to this day, and that's all I knew. All I knew is gospel music. I don't know R&B. I don't know how to sing R&B, all I know is gospel. That's why my sound is so gospel and I'd never trade it for anything.

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