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Jin Quotes

Jin Quotes

I started listening to hip hop when I was probably 15 or so, basically what was on the radio and you know I guess who was big at the time, LL Cool J was big, Naughty By Nature and as I started listening to more and more, I started to get more interested in it as far as the lyrics, the production and stuff, then I started buying CD's going to the store to build up my own collection. Around that same time was when I started Rhyming to myself, it was just for fun at first playing around like writing little raps here and there but within the next year or two it just became my whole life, like I dedicated every minute to it.

Actually it wasn't Jay Mills that I battled, he was in a battle in Puerto Rico that I was in also, Fifty thousand Dollars and a car but he was in it and this dude called Shells was in it and this guy called Wrekonize was in it. I mean it was a battle like every other battle but of course the prize was the biggest that I've ever encountered but you know I went into it the same way like I go in every battle whether its for fifty thousand or for no money, whether it's somebody that's signed or somebody that nobody's ever heard of before you just got to, you know never underestimate anybody.

There probably isn't one specific artist because like I said when I first discovered it on the radio, I was just like intrigued by all these different kinds of artists like I said naughty by nature even like cats like onyx, house of pain even – just anybody who was making noise at the time I was into you know Snoop Dogg of course so you know these are guys that have been around. But then as I started becoming into my own craft as an MC probably the biggest influence was cats that are still around now like Nas, Jay Z, and Biggie R.I.P.

There's a lot of artists that I'm fans of and I would be honoured to work with them, its hard to think from one or two from the top of the head but cats like any one of them from the Wu Tang I mean I've been fans of them forever, So just to be on a track with them would be crazy, Ghost Face, Methodman etc.

Man I can't say that because, fame can come and go like that like, you see so many people that are so big in one second and the next minute nobody you know like who? Not to say that I get tired of it but it gets frustrating sometimes, you know like they say fame changes you which is true sometimes but then in some cases the reality is not that it changes you but it actually changes everyone around you. No matter how they say it let me just give you an example, lets say I go to the club now right and if I walked in to the club and if I didn't have a record deal and I was just Jin and I worked at like the post office, I'm just going to the club on a regular night. I would walk in, say hi to the girls and say waddup just still as Jin. Now if I was Jin with the record deal and walk in the same club and do the same thing, I'm still as just Jin but it's the people that are around like “is that Jin?” - So the question I ask is who the fame really changed so I mean you know its cool some people let it go to their head, some don't.

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