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Jermaine Jackson Discography

Jermaine Jackson Discography

Precious Moments
Release Date: 1986

1. Precious Moments
2. Our Love Story
3. If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
4. I Think It's Love
5. Give a Little Love 
6. Voices in the Dark
7. Do You Remember Me
8. Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
9. I Hear Heartbeat
10. Words into Action

Release Date: 1984

1. Dynamite
2. Sweetest Sweetest
3. Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming
4. Escape from the Planet of the Ant Men 
5. Come to Me (One Way or Another)
6. Do What You Do
7. Some Things Are Private
8. Oh Mother

I Like Your Style
Release Date: 1981

1. I Gotta Hae Ya
2. I'm Just Too Shy
3. You're Givin' Me the Runaround
4. Paradise in Your Eyes
5. Is It Always Gonna Be Like 
6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
7. Maybe Next Time
8. I Can't Take No More
9. It's Still Undone
10. I'm My Brother's Keeper

My Name Is Jermaine
Release Date: 1976

1. Let's Be Young Tonight
2. Faithful
3. Look Past My Life
4. Bass Odyssey
5. Who's That Lady 
6. Lovely You're the One
7. Stay With Me
8. I Just Want to Take This Time
9. My Touch of Madness 

Come into My Life
Release Date: 1973

1. Sitting on the Edge of My Mind
2. You're in Good Hands
3. I Need You More Now Than Ever
4. If You Don't Love Me
5. A Million to One 
6. Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)
7. Does Your Mama Know About Me
8. Come into My Life
9. So in Love
10. Ma

Release Date: 1972

1. That's How Love Goes
2. I'm in a Different World
3. Homeward Bound
4. Take Me in Your Arms
5. I Only Have Eyes for You 
6. I Let Love Pass Me By
7. Live It Up
8. If You Were My Woman
9. Ain't That Peculiar
10. Daddy's Home

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