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Jeremy Camp Quotes

Jeremy Camp Quotes

I went straight from high school to Bible college for two years. Then I started doing music right out of Bible college full time. I did independent stuff for three years.

I think a lot of the writing, you know, I write is just kind of like that where, you know. I write exactly how Iím feeling sometimes, and hardships that Iím going through. But I always end up, like the choruses are like, ďGod, You are good. God, youíre faithful. You know, I know You understand, Youíre right here by my side.Ē All these different things. And I just say very personal experiences that Iíve been through. I mean, itís not always detrimental thing.

A lot of times itís just through personal experiences, cause I mean. The song called ďRestored,Ē that will be on my next album, that basically has been what God has done, you know, through losing my wife to cancer three years ago to now God bringing me a new wife, Iím having a child now. Itís very exciting.

Yeah, I did my own stuff. Then I got an e-mail from the record company Iím with now saying ďHey, weíve heard about you a lotÖsend us a demo.Ē So I did and thatís how it happened.

If you stay in the word of God then youíll get a fresh leading of new things to share. I share my testimony of what God has done, but thereís certain things that when I slip into the Word and let God speak to me through His Word and itís a fresh thing for me to share.

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