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Jeff Hanson Discography

Jeff Hanson Discography

Jeff Hanson
Release Date: February 22nd, 2005

1 Hiding Behind The Moon 3:06
2 You Are The Reason 3:48
3 You And I Alone 3:50
4 Laughing At Nothing 3:42
5 Some Years Ago 4:07
6 As Honest As A Liar Can Be 4:35
7 If You Ever Say 3:52
8 Just Like Me 2:54
9 Everything You Do 2:59
10 The End Of Everything Known 6:00
11 Somedays And Sundays 5:45

Release Date: January 21st, 2003

1 Hiding Behind the Moon 
2 You Are the Reason 
3 You and I Alone 
4 Laughing at Nothing 
5 Some Years Ago 
6 As Honest As a Liar Can Be 
7 If You Ever Say 
8 Just Like Me 
9 Everything You Do 
10 The End of Everything Known 
11 Somedays and Sundays

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