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Jefferson Starship Discography

Jefferson Starship Discography

Windows of Heaven
Release Date: June 18th, 1998

1. The Light (Ginger & Metaphysics)
2. See the Light
3. Borderland
4. Maybe for You
5. Let It Live
6. Let Me Fly
7. Goddess
8. Blessings 
9. Shadowlands
10. Which Side Are You on (Futr Remembered)
11. Ways of Love
12. Later On
13. Windows of Heaven
14. Out of the Rain
15. Millennium Beyond (Frontera Luminosa)

Deep Space / Virgin Sky
Release Date: 1995

1. Shadowlands
2. Ganja of Love
3. Dark Ages
4. I'm on Fire
5. Papa John
6. Women Who Fly
7. Gold
8. The Light (Ginger & Metaphysics)
9. Crown of Creation
10. Count on Me
11. Miracles
12. Intro to Lawman
13. Lawman
14. Wooden Ships
15. Somebody to Love
16. White Rabbit

Nuclear Furniture
Release Date: 1984

A1 Layin' It on the Line 4:09
A2 No Way Out 4:22
A3 Sorry Me, Sorry You 4:07
A4 Live and Let Live 3:50
A5 Connection 4:27
B1 Rose Goes to Yale 2:56
B2 Magician 3:21
B3 Assassin 3:52
B4 Shining in the Moonlight 3:38
B5 Showdown 3:22
B6 Champion 4:40

Winds of Change
Release Date: 1982

A1 Winds of Change 3:53
A2 Keep On Dreamin' 5:02
A3 Be My Lady 3:52
A4 I Will Stay 3:58
A5 Out of Control 2:54
B1 Can't Find Love 4:47
B2 Black Widow 5:01
B3 I Came Back From the Jaws of the Dragon 5:59
B4 Quit Wasting Time 0:32

Modern Times
Release Date: 1981

A1 Find Your Way Back 4:12
A2 Stranger 4:44
A3 Wild Eyes 4:02
A4 Save Your Love 5:58
B1 Modern Times 4:06
B2 Mary 3:37
B3 Free 4:35
B4 Alien 4:45
B5 Stairway to Cleveland 3:58

Freedom at Point Zero
Release Date: 1979

A1 Jane 4:07
A2 Lightning Rose 4:34
A3 Things to Come 4:47
A4 Awakening 7:59
B1 Girl With the Hungry Eyes 3:28
B2 Just the Same 5:17
B3 Rock Music 3:35
B4 Fading Lady Night 3:39
B5 Freedom at Point Zero 4:24

Release Date: 1978

A1 Love Too Good 6:07
A2 Count on Me 3:17
A3 Take Your Time 4:14
A4 Crazy Feelin' 3:41
A5 Skateboard 3:22
B1 Fire 4:42
B2 Show Yourself 4:39
B3 Runaway 5:26
B4 All Nite Long 6:35

Release Date: 1976

A1 Cruisin' 5:27
A2 Dance With the Dragon 5:02
A3 Hot Water 3:17
A4 St. Charles 6:38
B1 Song to the Sun 
a) Ozymandias 1:39
b) Don't Let It Rain 5:34
B2 With Your Love 3:33
B3 Switchblade 4:01
B4 Big City 3:20
B5 Love Lovely Love 3:31

Red Octopus
Release Date: 1975

A1 Fast Buck Freddie 3:30
A2 Miracles 6:53
A3 Git Fiddler 3:11
A4 Al Garimasū (There Is Love) 4:17
A5 Sweeter Than Honey 3:22
B1 Play on Love 3:42
B2 Tumblin 3:29
B3 I Want to See Another World 4:34
B4 Sandalphon 4:11
B5 There Will Be Love 5:04

Dragon Fly
Release Date: 1974

A1 Ride The Tiger 
A2 That's For Sure 
A3 Be Young You 
A4 Caroline 
B1 Devils Den 
B2 Come To Life 
B3 All Fly Away 
B4 Hyperdrive

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