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Jefferson Airplane Discography

Jefferson Airplane Discography

Jefferson Airplane
Release Date: September 23rd, 1989

A1 Planes 4:28
A2 Freedom 4:55
A3 Solidarity 5:08
A4 Madeleine Street 4:16
A5 Ice Age 4:18
A6 Summer of Love 4:18
B1 The Wheel 6:11
B2 Common Market Madrigal 2:48
B3 True Love 3:44
B4 Upfront Blues 2:02
B5 Now Is the Time 4:53
B6 Too Many Years 4:13
B7 Panda 3:38

Thirty Seconds Over Winterland
Release Date: 1973

A1 Have You Seen the Saucers 4:19
A2 Feel So Good 11:29
A3 Crown of Creation 3:26
B1 When the Earth Moves Again 4:20
B2 Milk Train 4:01
B3 Trial by Fire 5:05
B4 Twilight Double Leader 5:28

Long John Silver
Release Date: 1972

A1 Long John Silver 4:24
A2 Aerie (Gang Of Eagles) 3:56
A3 Twilight Double Leader 4:45
A4 Milk Train 3:22
A5 The Son Of Jesus 5:30
B1 Easter? 4:02
B2 Trial By Fire 4:35
B3 Alexander The Medium 6:40
B4 Eat Starch Mom 4:35

Release Date: 1971

1 When the Earth Moves Again 3:57
2 Feel So Good 4:39
3 Crazy Miranda 3:26
4 Pretty as You Feel 4:33
5 Wild Turkey 4:47
6 Law Man 2:45
7 Rock and Roll Island 3:42
8 Third Week in the Chelsea 4:37
9 Never Argue With a German If You're Tired or European Song 4:35
10 Thunk 3:01
11 War Movie 4:41

Release Date: 1969

A1 We Can Be Together 5:48
A2 Good Shepherd 4:22
A3 The Farm 3:13
A4 Hey Frederick 8:35
A5 Turn My Life Down 2:56
B1 Wooden Ships 6:24
B2 Eskimo Blue Day 6:35
B3 A Song for All Seasons 3:29
B4 Meadowlands 1:04
B5 Volunteers 2:03

Bless Its Pointed Little Head
Release Date: 1969

A1 Clergy 1:32
A2 3/5's of a Mile in 10 Seconds 4:37
A3 Somebody to Love 3:42
A4 Fat Angel 7:29
A5 Rock Me Baby 7:40
B1 The Other Side of This Life 6:35
B2 It's No Secret 3:22
B3 Plastic Fantastic Lover 3:40
B4 Turn Out the Lights 0:58
B5 Bear Melt 11:06

Crown of Creation
Release Date: 1968

A1 Lather 2:55
A2 In Time 4:07
A3 Triad 4:54
A4 Star Track 3:09
A5 Share a Little Joke 3:04
A6 Cushingura 1:17
B1 If You Feel 3:30
B2 Crown of Creation 2:52
B3 Ice Cream Phoenix 2:59
B4 Greasy Heart 3:24
B5 The House at Pooneil Corners 5:42

After Bathing at Baxter's
Release Date: November 29th, 1967

A1 The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil 4:30
A2 A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly 1:45
A3 Young Girl Sunday Blues 3:29
The War Is Over: 
A4 Martha 3:21
A5 Wild Tyme (H) 3:05
Hymn to an Older Generation: 
A6 The Last Wall of the Castle 2:42
A7 Rejoyce 4:00
How Suite It Is: 
B1 Watch Her Ride 3:11
B2 Spare Chaynge 9:05
Schizoforest Love Suite: 
B3 Two Heads 3:10
B4 Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon 5:01

Surrealistic Pillow
Release Date: 1967

A1 She Has Funny Cars 3:03
A2 Somebody to Love 2:54
A3 My Best Friend 2:59
A4 Today 2:57
A5 Comin' Back to Me 5:18
B1 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds 3:39
B2 D.C.B.A.-25 2:33
B3 How Do You Feel 3:26
B4 Embryonic Journey 1:51
B5 White Rabbit 2:27
B6 Plastic Fantastic Lover 2:33

Jefferson Airplane Takes Off 
Release Date: 1966

A1 Blues From an Airplane 2:13
A2 Let Me In 3:00
A3 Bringing Me Down 2:24
A4 It's No Secret 2:40
A5 Tobacco Road 3:30
B1 Come Up the Years 2:33
B2 Run Around 2:40
B3 Let's Get Together 3:35
B4 Don't Slip Away 2:35
B5 Chauffeur Blues 2:28
B6 And I Like It 3:26

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