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Jasmine Trias Quotes

Jasmine Trias Quotes

"I think confidence is very important, as well as a positive attitude; you should never give up; just maintain a positive mentality whenever you perform; you should go for it."

“Some people think in four years I'm going to give up, but that's definitely not me, ... I'm going to keep on going until it happens because I love doing it. Now that I've got my foot in the door I don't want to stop. I want to keep on going. Since there isn't that Filipino or someone from Hawai'i that's broken those barriers, I want to be that first one to break those barriers.”

“and proud to be representing Filipinos.”

“I kind of had a vision for myself. I wanted to have an album out and to make it R&B and try to make it into the mainstream and continue to do what I'm doing and never give up. The other American Idols, maybe they don't try too hard or something goes wrong, but I really don't want to be in that case where I'm not given the chance.”

“I had a great time recording and working with the producers. I really got to work with great producers, and different producers with different work ethics.”

“We cannot divulge details yet and I am yet to consent to any. But if all falls into place, Id like to do a romantic comedy with horror elements thrown into the story.”

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