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Jade Discography

Jade Discography

Mind, Body & Song
Release Date: 1994

1. When Will I See You Again
2. If the Mood Is Right
3. In the Bedroom
4. If the Lovin' Ain't Good
5. Five-Four-Three-Two (Yo! Time Is Up)
6. What's Goin' On
7. Hangin' 
8. Every Day of the Week
9. Everything
10. Do You Want Me
11. I Like That Way
12. There's Not a Man
13. It's On
14. Mind, Body and Song

BET's Listening Party
Release Date: 1993

1. Settle Down
2. Intro
3. I Wanna Love You
4. Don't Walk Away (Intro)
5. Don't Ask My Neighbors
6. Blessed 
7. Mr. Do Right
8. One Woman
9. Do Me Baby
10. I Want 'Cha Baby
11. Rock Steady
12. Don't Walk Away

Jade to the Max
Release Date: 1992

1. Don't Walk Away
2. I Wanna Love You
3. I Want 'Cha Baby
4. That Boy
5. Out With the Girls
6. Hold Me Close 
7. One Woman
8. Give Me What I'm Missing
9. Looking for Mr. Do Right
10. Don't Ask My Neighbors
11. Blessed

Jade (UK) Discography

Fly on Strangewings
Release Date: 1972
Re-released 2003

1. Amongst Anenomes
2. Raven
3. Fly on Strangewings
4. Mayfly
5. Alan's Song
6. Bad Magic
7. Clippership
8. Five of Us 
9. Reflections on a Harbour Wall
10. Mrs. Adams
11. Fly Me to the North
12. Away from the Family
13. Big Yellow Taxi
14. Carolina in My Mind
15. Chicago Radio Spots 

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