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Ivy Quotes

I think ultimately what you really want is a few people within any label that are into the band enough to really work on it every day for a long time and to actually try a little bit. But obviously, the major labels have more money to spend, so if they feel like spending it, they have bigger resources there when you need them. It doesn't always necessarily translate into them doing a better job for a band, but I think especially if you're playing the game of commercial radio and making videos and stuff like that, that's sort of an expensive proposition.
Adam Schlesinger

There were a few songs that could've just as easily been on the albums, and it's just for whatever reason, we didn't think they fit, and so we didn't put 'em on there. I think part of the reason we wanted to do this compilation is 'cause some of these songs we're proud of and we really like a lot, and we didn't want them to just be only for collectors who spend, you know, 40 dollars on some import single or something. And there's other stuff that's kind of goofy and fun, but we thought that this was the right context for people to hear it and take it in the right spirit. Hopefully.
Adam Schlesinger

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