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ISAN Quotes

ISAN Quotes

In leicester on a lovely sunny day, the meeting was inadvertently engineered by my sister, victoria and seemed to be the culmination of a series of events so unlikely we guessed that we were fated to work together from the word go. i thought toe was quite bohemian in his yellow and black citroen. 
Robin Saville

I think it was 1992 - final year of my degree. i would have got better grades if your house wasn't directly on the way home from uni, and offered a seemingly never ending supply of sugary milky tea and benson and hedges cigarettes. oh, and good company of course,and lots of new and exciting electronica to entice me away from all that nasty grunge & industrial stuff. 
Antony Ryan

Firstly, isan would probably not have existed unless we lived in different cities. the main effect is that it gave us enough of a reason to carry on until we were "good" enough for isan to be reason in itself. 
Robin Saville

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