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"Yeah it's completely different, it's matured tenfold. We wrote the first album over five years as teenagers but now we've got the opportunity to do InMe full-time. We've got closer together, we've got a better connection."
Dave McPherson

"On the one hand we do feel we deserve it as we work hard but on the other hand we feel so blessed to have this opportunity. There are so many bands out there and so much music out there."
Dave McPherson

"On our first tour we just went full on, drinking too much and smoking too much before the shows. But it's a learning curve. We now know our limits."
Dave McPherson

It's good. With the first album it was more of a surreal experience, but with this one we've got quite comfortable with it and it feels almost normal. But we don't take it for granted. It's still pretty weird when you're in the pub and it comes on - that's a bit strange because people start looking at you. Although people don't recognise me so much at the moment because I've cut all my hair off.
Dave McPherson

We've been pretty lucky we've played with Feeder, Hundred Reasons and Puddle of Mud, but I think the one we're most proud of is playing with The Deftones because when we were kids they were everyone's favourite band. I think all our mates were pretty envious.
Dave McPherson

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