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Imogen Heap Quotes

Inspiration hits me at the most annoying times. Like when I am on my bicycle going back home from the studio at 3 a.m.. I've many crackly recordings into my mobile phone practically inaudible from the wind rushing into the handset!

Everything stems from real experiences but I do also have a very vivid imagination. A song lyric gets easily carried away with itself and can end up somewhere I'd never have predicted.

Well, we signed with an English company, and then the American company decided that they quite liked me. Same company both places. But in England the company's not really there, they've kind of all disappeared. The people who were working in the English office have kind of all gone, dunno, they've all either got sacked or decided to leave cause there's not much going on there, really, I'm kind of the only person on their record label, apart from Mancini, and another band called Redwood, but they're all kind of in the process of making albums so there's nothing really for the company to do, so I think they all decided to leave.

To tell you the truth I haven’t really had a plan as such. I think other people have had big plans for me, and said “oh, she’s gonna be the next big thing!? I’ve always had that since I was 18, people have always thought that something was just about to happen… and nothing actually has (laughs).

(Laughs) No actually… a horrible idea. I was kind of hoping that when the public saw how shallow it can actually be, how little talent somebody could actually have and still be massively famous, that it would kind of make them think, “oh God, that’s rubbish, I need to find a real artist". And actually as a result it went completely the opposite way, and everybody liked the artist who was your person next door or could be you. My prediction didn’t work (laughs).

Yeah, he did. His album Bold has got some David Sylvian on it. And the only time I listen to music is when my computer went down, and he did this great track, Funiculaire, and suddenly all these lyrics were flying out of my head… so I wrote as many lyrics as I could put down until I got my computer back up and running. And The Moment I Said It as well was one where the computer again broke down, it was the end of the night and I’d just had a new piano delivered to me. So I thought I’d play my piano for a change, instead of playing my QWERTY keyboard. So I just played something and after a couple of minutes, the fast loop on the piano in the chorus came out – so I recorded that and had that for about 5 months. And then, when my computer broke down again, I was like, right, I’m gonna work on that song now.

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