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Ima Robot Quotes

Ima Robot Quotes

“The crowd is so @#$%& into it, and they inspire me to get more into the band, they inspire me to like IMA Robot more than I ever liked us. It’s just this vigor and lust for the band that just blows my mind.”
Alex Ebert

The name came from an insanely hilarious inside joke that has somehow lost its HA HA over the years. Since we were inebriated at the time, we no longer can figure out exactly why the punchline "ima robot?" was so funny. It's not dissimilar to the famous joke made famous in the documentary "The Aristocrats." Hopefully Ima Robot will someday be the punchline to a very famous if not mythical limerick.
Timmy Anderson

We have lost members all over the place, but that has made us stronger. We love everyone who has come and gone, and I guess in some ways it's a shame, but we are one big evolving family tree that has finally started to blossom to potential. The nectar we will produce in the coming years will smell oh so sweet.
Timmy Anderson

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