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Idiot Pilot Quotes

I’ve been, lets see, playing a lot of video games. Tiger Woods PGA, I’ve gone bowling a few times but not as much as I’d like to because I’m an avid bowler. And I actually started getting back into the rap game. I’ve been hanging out with a whole crew of mine and just doing free styles and that sort of thing.
Michael Harris

So when the idea came for a game of course at first we were like “okay that’s absolutely ridiculous, and no we won’t do a video game.? But then! Somehow they got the whiff that we like bowling and they’re like, “Well what if we did a bowling game?? (Impressions of voices were used as they were needed) And we were like “yea we think it would be sick.? So we have a bowling game.
Michael Harris

And good because, um, you know it feels like you are accomplishing a lot. It’s the way a being a musician works as far as like a job. You don’t do a lot of stuff for a really long time then there will be a month or two months where you work everyday all day, literally like being on tour. So after that type of thing it’s just really really good to get home and feel like you just did a bunch of work.. So it’s like after you work out or something you’re like, that kinda sucked and it was tough but it feels really good.
Daniel Anderson

It was always my goal as a kid, cause I grew up actually in a really unfortunate situation, I was never able to travel, so it was one of my goals to go to England. Cause a lot of the music we listen to is from there, so.
Michael Harris

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