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Horna Quotes

Horna Quotes

Our lyrics are filled with devotion to dark arts… Subjects vary from occult phenomena to superstitions, from cruel destinies to unholy vengeance and beyond. We have widened our perspective a lot within lyrics and for example, there are no more fantasy tales…only harsh reality and poetry.

More than anything the band is Satanic, yes. As persons we are probably more heathen but I write the lyrics and depict what we stand for, and other stand beside me stark and proud. I am a Satanist though I´d say I´m closer to an apprentice than a full prophet. The message we carry with HORNA is one of satanic reality…a world where conqueror souls should rule with iron will. This is what I live and I don´t care about anyone that´s not on my "side" so to speak… Even if you are a part of "the scene" it doesn´t mean you´d know anything or be worth shit…Every pride-filled destiny has to be earned.

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