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The Homosexuals Profile

Jim Welton [aka Amos, Xentos, L Voag] (bass, vocals)
Bruno McQuillan [aka Narky Brillans] (guitar, vocals)
Anton Hayman [aka George Harrasment] (guitar, vocals)

Associated Acts:
Die Trip Computer Die
Sara Goes Pop
The Work
Amos & Sara
Milk from Cheltenham
Nancy Sesay & the Melodaires
The Just Measurers

Also Called:
Sir Alick and the Phraser
Vic Serf & The Villains
The Fear Merchants
Gus Coma
The Ululators
The Tesco Bombers

New Wave

Formed: In 1977 in Deptford, London, England

Debut Album: Bigger Than the Number... Yet Missing the Dot (!978)

Did You Know:
The group disbanded in 1982

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