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Hawkwind Profile

Dave Brock (guitar, vocals, keyboards, 1969-present)
Nik Turner (saxophone, 1969-76, 1982-84)
Mick Slattery (guitar, 1969-70)
Thomas Crimble (bass, 1969)
Terry Ollis (drums, 1969-72)
DikMik (keyboards, 1970-73)
John Harrison (bass, 1970)
Huw Lloyd-Langton (guitar, 1970, 1979-89, 2001-02)
Lemmy Kilmister (bass, vocals, 1971-75)
Dave Anderson (bass, 1971)
Del Dettmar (keyboards, 1971-74)
Robert Calvert (vocals, poetry, 1972-78)
Simon King (drums, 1973-80)
Simon House (violin, 1974-77, 2000-03)
Alan Powell (drums, 1975-76)
Paul Rudolph (bass, 1975-76)
Harvey Bainbridge (bass, keyboards, 1977-91)
Adrian Shaw (bass, 1977-78)
Martin Griffin (drums, 1978, 1980-81)
Paul Hayles (keyboards, 1978-79)
Steve Swindells (keyboards, 1978-79)
Tim Blake (keyboards, 1979-80)
Ginger Baker (drums, 1980-81)
Keith Hale (keyboards, 1981-82)
Andy Anderson (drums, 1983)
Rob Heaton (drums, 1983)
Alan Davey (bass, 1984-95, 2000-present)
Fred Dead (keyboards, violin, 1984-85)
Rick Martinez (drums, 1984)
Danny Thompson (drums, 1985-88)
Richard Chadwick (drums, 1988-present)
Bridgett Wishart (vocals, 1989-91)
Ron Tree (bass, vocals, 1995-2001)
Jerry Richards (guitar, 1995-2001)

Associated Acts:
Michael Moorcock
Melodic Energy Commission
The Demented Stoats
Star Nation

Also Called:

Hard Rock
Progressive Rock

Formed: In 1969 in London, England

Debut Album: Hawkwind (1970)

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