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Hash Jar Tempo Quotes

Hash Jar Tempo Quotes

The main reason for the break was a combination of travel and going back to university, which drew me into theatre more than music. I did stuff on acoustic guitar when I was traveling, filed it away and made notes, without it being musical notation. Just taped the odd thing, did a sketch, stuck it on a cassette. I thought at some point, I'll go back to it. Some of it I did use in '84-'85 when I started working in the Free Theatre in Christchurch. So it might seem like I had given up after the Pin Group, but I just went into a different avenue.
Roy Montgomery

In essence, it was an attempt to do something a little bit different in Christchurch in the early 80s. We got saddled with a "Joy Division" tag which I think, if you listen to the first single, is probably justified, but from there on out I don't think it is, it's a very superficial listening comparison. We quit just when we were starting to sound like a reasonably decent band (laughs). What surprises me most is that anybody in the U.S. even knows about that, because it was pretty small beer even by New Zealand standards.
Roy Montgomery (About Pin Group)

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