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Guided by Voices Quotes

Guided by Voices Quotes

It wonít as that entity, but Iím going to continue doing stuff under my own name. In fact, I just finished doing a double album with (producer) Todd Tobias. Iím always ahead of myself, and that was one of the reasons I decided that it was a good time for Guided By Voices to end. My girlfriend had bought me a CD burner and I was able to go through this huge box of cassettes that I used to tell people were in a suitcase; actually they used to be in a suitcase and then I emptied Ďem into a big, huge box. Anyway, theyíre from the late Ď70s on, and Iíve been able to go through all those cassettes and burn Ďem to CD so I could catalog them. I found probably 50 songs, I have about 20 CDsí worth of stuff. I had all this material that I felt was personal because itíd been there since the early Ď80s. It didnít feel like a band project; it felt like I should do it. But I thought it was so good, the material so strong, it didnít deserve to be pushed aside and put on the Fading Captain series, which doesnít get as much exposure as a Guided By Voices record or something we do with Matador.
Robert Pollard

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