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Gridlock Quotes

Gridlock Quotes

On the surface, if you were to watch the 'Gridlock' writing process, you would think that we were extremely fast... but we re-work, re-sample, re-destroy everything. Some tunes are almost unrecognisable from the original. We could have done 25 more things to each track on Formless, we always stop just a few feet short of reworking the tracks into oblivion.
Mike Cadoo

I've always been an Industrial fan. People who say "Industrial is out" are the same people who will say "IDM is out" in a year or two. Ambulance chasers. 
Mike Wells

We're just doing what we do naturally. Mike and Ilisten to LOTS of different types of music, and those have an influence. Collectively, we listen to anything from Nausum to Swervedriver to Twerk to Dalek to Dan Abrams to Queens Of The Stone Age. We have musically gone where it felt like we should naturally go.
Mike Cadoo

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