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Great White Profile

Jack Russell (vocals, percussion)
Mark Kendall (guitar, vocals, percussion, 1981-2000, 2003-present)
Audie Desbrow (drums, 1986-2000)
Lorne Black (bass, 1981-86)
Gary Holland (drums, 1981-86)
Michael Lardie (guitar, piano, synthesizer, keyboards, electric sitar, percussion, banjo, vocals, 1986-?)
Tony Montana (bass, 1984-92)
Dave Spitz (bass, 1992-93)
Teddy Cook (bass, guitars, vocals, 1993-96)
Sean McNabb (bass, 1996)
Ty Longley (guitar, 2000-03)
Derrick Pontier (drums, 2000)
Tyler Nelson (guitar)
Scott Pounds (bass)
Krys Baratto (bass)
Eric Powers (drums)
Francis Ruiz (drums)
Dave Filice (bass)
Matthew Johnson (guitar)
Jordan Martin (guitar)

Also Called:
Dante Fox

Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Blues Metal

Formed: In 1981 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Debut Album: Great White (1984)

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