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Gong Profile

Daevid Allen (guitar, vocals, 1968-75, 1990-present)
Gilli Smyth (vocals, space whispers, 1968-75, 1990-present)
Didier Malherbe (sax, flute, 1968-77)
Raschid Houari (drums, 1969-72)
Christian Tritsch (bass, 1969-72)
Daniel Laloux (percussion, vocals, 1969-70)
Dieter Geweissler (violin, double bass, 1969)
Barre Phillips (double bass, 1969)
Tasmin Smyth (vocals, 1969)
Michael Brown (vocals, effects, 1970)
Pip Pyle (drums, 1971, 1990-94)
Kevin Ayers (bass, vocals, 1971)
Laurie Allen (drums, 1972, 1973, 1974-75)
Mac Poole (drums, 1972)
Charles Hayward (drums, 1972)
Francis Moze (bass, 1972-73, 1976-77)
Rob Tait (drums, 1972, 1973-74)
Di Bond (vocals, 1972)
Steve Hillage (guitar, 1973-76)
Tim Blake (synth, vocals, harmonica, 1973-75, 1994)
Mike Howlett (bass, 1973-76, 1994, 1996-present)
Pierre Moerlen (drums, percussion, 1973, 1974-77, 1994)
Di Stewart (vocals, percussion, 1973-74)
Arthur Brown (vocals, 1974)
Chris Cutler (drums, 1974)
Bill Bruford (drums, 1974)
Miquette Giraudy (vocals, 1975)
David L. Stewart (keys, 1975)
Patrice Lemoine (keys, 1975-76)
Jorge Pinchevsky (violin, 1975-77)
Mireille Bauer (percussion, 1975-77)
BenoƮt Moerlen (percussion, 1976-77)
Allan Holdsworth (guitar, 1976-77)
Mino Cinelu (percussion, 1976-77)
Hansford Rowe (bass, 1977)
Shyamal Maitra (percussion, 1991)
Graham Clark (violins, voices, 1991)
Keith Bailey (bass, 1991)
Theo Travis (sax, flute, 2000-present)
Chris Taylor (drums, percussion, 2000-present)
Gwyo ze pix (keys, electronics, 2000-present)

Associated Acts:
Pierre Moerlen's Gong
Mother Gong
New York Gong
Planet Gong
Acid Mothers Gong
Gong Matrices
Gilli Smyth & Daevid Allen
The Soft Machine
Hatfield and the North, you'N'gong

Progressive Rock
Psychedelic Rock
Space Rock
Jazz Fusion

Formed: In 1968 in Paris, France

Debut Album: Magick Brother (1969)

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