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Girlschool Quotes

Girlschool Quotes

I was about 17 when I first picked up an electric guitar. I¹d really always wanted to be a singer so I bought the guitar to actually write songs on and taught myself how to play. I started off playing in a couple of local Punk/Rock style bands called 'The Parasites¹, 'Flowers For Agatha¹, and 'The Crisps¹. I put a band together called 'Déjà vu¹ we picked up quite a bit of interest and decided to move to London but split up a year or so later.
Jackie Chambers

It all depends on what's coming up for us, when there¹s any gigs booked we¹ll get together and rehearse beforehand and the gigs themselves always help the band to be tighter anyway. If we have a new song to sort out we quite often try it at a sound check and if it works then we¹ll put it in the set that night. We¹re also fortunate that I have a small studio and Denise has an electronic drum kit here so we could get together in my flat whenever we wanted to, to write or rehearse up anything new.
Jackie Chambers

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