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Girlicious Quotes

Girlicious Quotes

We auditioned in our own states and impressed them enough to move us forward in the process. We went through so many auditions, psychological and background tests before getting on the show.
Nichole Cordova

I was friends with everyone including Charlye. Even though there were some clicks, I love them all. I am so lucky to be with the other 3 girls.
Nichole Cordova

Chrystina and I gelled from the beginning. We are so close now even though we had some differences before.
Natalie Mejia

I basically had a problem with the whole house. Charlye, Tiffanie and I had some problems, there was a lot of drama in the house. Basically when you move a bunch of girls in the house with nothing to do there is going to be drama and clicks.
Chrystina Sayers

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