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George Baker Selection Profile

Hans Bouwens  "George Baker" (vocals, guitar, recorder, organ, piano, mandolin, 1968-77, 1982-present)
Eric Bardoen (sax, 1967-70)
Job Netten (guitar, 1967-70)
Henk Kramer (sax, 1967-70)
Ton Vredenburg (drums, 1967-70)
Theo Vermast (bass, 1967-68)
Jan Visser (bass, 1968-71)
Jacques Greuter (vocals, organ, piano, flute, 1967-82)
Jan Hop (drums, 1970-)
George Thé (vocals, guitar, bass, 1970-present)
Cor Veerman [aka Alan Decker] (bass, 1971-74)
Martin Schoen (bass, 1974-82)
Lida Bond (vocals, 1974-77)
Nathalie More (vocals, 1977-82)
Willy Delano (vocals, 1977-82)
Nelleke Brzoskowsky (vocals, 1982-present)
Elly Bloothoofd (vocals, bass, 1982-present)
Pieter Goeman (organ, piano, 1982-present)

Associated Acts:
Left Side
Fisher & Friends
Rob Hoeke
Dizzy Man's Band
Virginia Creeper
Kiss Kiss
The Early Birds, The Frogs

Also Called:
Soul Invention

Dutch Pop

Formed: In 1967 in Zaanstad, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Debut Album: Little Green Bag (1969)

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