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Geisha Quotes

Geisha Quotes

I never thought I’d end up as a computer freak, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. I do spend a lot of my time on the Internet, and often check out the different E-zines on the web, especially if something Iron Savior related is going down.
Yenz "Cheyenne" Leonhardt 

Well, I started my career back in 1980 with the first HM band in Scandinavia The Brats. That band was foundation for Mercyful fate, so I wrote a lot of heavy riffing with guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner back in those days. So it was like a return to my roots joining Iron Savior. I came into the band just before the recording process, so I kind of used the sessions to map my way around in the Iron Savior universe. I wrote 2 songs for the album and one of them “The Call” is included on the European limited edition of “Battering Ram”. My style is in fact quite different from the bass playing on earlier albums, but I guess you will have to check that out live to hear the difference.
Yenz "Cheyenne" Leonhardt

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