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Gaither Vocal Band Quotes

Gaither Vocal Band Quotes

I was 19 years old. I was Ohio and it was after a concert that we gave that afternoon and I wasn't happy with the direction that my life was going in. I was behind a building - it was a 4H park - I don't know if I would recognize it now or not. It was behind the auditorium that we had sung in that afternoon.
Bill Gaither (about the day he gave his life to Christ)

I grew up listening to the quartets and I loved that so much that I wanted to see if I could make music and make it happen. It was just a series of events ... me going to concerts and saying "I think I can do that".
Bill Gaither 

I don't even play the guitar anymore. I play the piano a little bit, but not much and I sing some. Most of my life is involved in producing other people right now.
Bill Gaither 

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