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Foreign Legion Quotes

Foreign Legion Quotes

"I don't get inspired by Hip-Hop the way I did when I was a teenager," 
"when you're a kid and you've never done it and you've never recorded and stuff you listen to these rappers and the beats and everything and it's the most amazing thing and ‘how do they do it?' Then after you've been doing it for a while you don't hear a lot of stuff that inspires you anymore. I don't hear a lot of guys who I'm like oh I couldn't do that, or I don't hear as many great ideas as I used to as a kid so now I look for my inspiration elsewhere."
Prozack Turner

"I had a really good work ethic so I just kept recording songs and I ended up recording more songs on my own than I was with the group, just a little bit more introspective type stuff, more personal things that you wouldn't write about in a group. Grand Royal got a hold of those songs and were like ‘hey, we want to sign you as a solo artist.'"
Prozack Turner

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