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The Fluid Quotes

The Fluid Quotes

As far as recording goes we’ve gotten better at materializing what we’ve always been trying to do. We haven’t really spent more money in the studio than we have in the past. It happened to be we’re just a lot better at getting the sound that we’ve always tried to get. The sound on “Glue” is what we would have tried to get all along if we knew what we were doing. The fact is, when we went to record “Punch N’ Judy” none of us had really a clue as to how to really get the sound that we wanted. We just experimented and made a record out of experimentation. There’s no current rock music that’s influenced us, really. Since “Punch N’ Judy” we’ve all gotten into big band a lot. We listen to a lot of big band and swing music. I can pretty safely say that’s been an influence because they really wrote songs. They’re short, they’re structured, they have really catchy melodies and those are givens for any big band song. It’s not like we try to take pieces of those songs and put them in a block form or anything, but I think somewhere in there all those melodies make us be more melodic ourselves.
John Robinson

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