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Evanescence Profile

Sex: 1 Female, 4 Male

Current Members:
Amy Lee (lead vocals, piano, keyboard, co-founder, 1998–present) 
Terry Balsamo (guitar, November 16th, 2003–present) 
Will Hunt (drums, May 17th, 2007–present) 
Tim McCord (bass guitar, August 10th, 2006–present) 
Troy McLawhorn (guitar, May 17th, 2007–present) 

Former Members:
Will Boyd (bass guitar, June 2003–July 14th, 2006) 
Rocky Gray (drums, 2002–May 4th, 2007) 
David Hodges (keyboard, piano, backing vocals, 1999–December 19th, 2002) 
John LeCompt (guitar, vocals on live "Bring Me to Life" performances, 2002–May 4th, 2007) 
Ben Moody (lead guitar, co-founder, 1998–October 22nd, 2003) 

Genre: Rock

Trademark: female vocalist and dark lyrical themes

Name Game: the band went through many name changes including "Childish Intentions" and "Stricken," before picking "Evanescence" (meaning to fade away, or dissipate like vapor).

Where they met: Amy Lee and former lead guitarist Ben Moody met at a youth camp in arkansas

Where they're from: Little Rock, AR, USA

Nationality: American

Got Their Start: building up a following locally in Arkansas

Career Breakthrough: "Bring Me to Life" From the Album Fallen (2003)

Debut Album: Evanescence EP (1998) (100 copies made); Origin (2000, first studio album)

Profession: musicians

Verified Contributions By: Beewol

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