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Erykah Badu Quotes

Erykah Badu Quotes

“I lived in Brooklyn for a couple of years. The community is very close-knit already. I remember it was raining that day, so it was a weird kind of funk on the crowd. It was so endearing to feel everybody coming together. It was almost like a cleansing. It felt super-new, renewing.”

“It was a really good experience for all of us. We each used our platforms to make other statements besides entertainment. We're artists who are often unheard. And Dave has chosen to define himself. I'm with that and I love him for that.”

“We literally just finished making this gown 20 minutes ago. I love it. It's my favorite color.”

“I think someone else told him, ... He didn't even know who I was. It made me feel a little proud. I had the opportunity to be brand new. I felt that someone appreciates me and wanted me for my work, not my reputation.”

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