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Embrace Profile

Embrace Profile

Alternative rock

Formed: In 1997, in Brighouse, England

Danny McNamara (Lead Singer) (December 31st 1970)
Richard McNamara (Guitarist)(October 23rd 1972)
Steve Firth (Bass Player) (February 2nd 1966)
Mike Heaton (Drummer) (September 18th 1966)
Mickey Dale (Keyboardist) (March 22nd 1968)

Influences: Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen and U2

Debut Album: The Good Will Out (1998)

Breakthrough Singles:
“All You Good Good People” (1997)
“Come Back to What You Know” (1998)
“My Weakness Is None of Your Business” (1998)
“Gravity” (2004)
“Ashes” (2004)
"Nature's Law" (2006)
“World At Your Feet” (2006)

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