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Elephant Man Quotes

Elephant Man Quotes

The reggae scene.. it's crazy down there, we got a lot of new artists coming up, Kid Rich, Ninja Kid. Yeah, they're doing their thing right now. You know in Jamaica we got a lot shows in December coming up. We got a lot of stuff doing man, it's crazy. Recording everyday, we just did a show in Saint Eli. Then we leave Jamaica again, like Sunday. We just on the work, it don't stop.

I wouldn't say… When I say come from it, it's not like hip-hop was birthed from reggae. What I was trying to get across was back in the days it was the same thing, but it was just two different pronunciations.Yeah.

Yeah, man cause at that time in Seaview Gardens Shabba Ranks lived next door to me and we had a sound named Stereo Tune. Me and my friend Cracked Skull, Jungle Rat and all of them, we were DJs, like underground. We would flip the records over to the side B and we DJ on the version (the instrumental).

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