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The Electric Hellfire Club Profile

Thomas Thorn (vocals, keyboard)
Sabrina Satana (bass)
Riktor Ravensbruck (guitar)

Former Members:
Ronny Valeo - guitar (1991-1993)
John Hatch aka Janna Flail, Eric Peterson, Rex Sterling - drums (1991-1992, 1996-1997, 1998)
Shane Lassen aka The Rev. Dr. Luv - keyboards, sampling, programs (1991-1996)
Richard Frost aka Richard Michael Willoughby - drums, programs (1992-1996)
Otto Mattix Sound, engineering, production (1992-1996)
Michael Moloch - guitar (1994)
Gregor Mephisto - guitar (1994-1996)
Giddle "Go Go" Partridge - dancer & singer (1994), live keyboards (1996)
Lady Bathory - keyboard (1996)
Eric Sizemore - drums (1997)
Vernon Bradley Womack aka Vern Vitn aka Burn, Baby, VERN - drums (1997-1999)
Adam N. Evol - guitar (1997)
Peter Guellard - keyboard (1998)
Lisa Lovecraft - keyboard (1998-1999)
Todd "The Toad" Ruzicka - drums (1999)
James "The Butcher" Casper - drums (1999)
Dioblo Ocho - drums (1999)
Dominic St. Charles - guitar (2000)
Bill Hamning - drums (2000)
Michele Mortem - bass (2000)
Klem Kthulu - drums (2001-2002)
Black Circle Chucky - live keyboards (1999-2002)

Associated Acts:
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Sleep Chamber

Industrial Metal

Formed: In 1991 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Debut Album: Burn Baby, Burn (1993)

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