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Edwin McCain Discography

Edwin McCain Discography

From the Album Scream & Whisper

Coming Down
Shooting Stars
Throw It All Away
Turning Around
Say Anything
Good Enough
Couldn't Love You More
Farewell To Tinkerbell
How Can You Say That To Me
Day Will Never Come
Save The Rain
White Crosses
Wild At Heart

From the Album Far From Over

Far From Over
Get Out Of This Town
Hearts Fall
I've Seen A Love
Jesus, He Loves Me
Letter To My Mother
One Thing Left
Radio Star
Sun Will Rise
Write Me A Song

From the Album Messenger

A Prayer to St. Peter
Anything Good About Me
Beautiful Life
Ghosts Of Jackson Square
Go Be Young
I Could Not Ask For More
I'll Be (Acoustic Version)
Just Do Your Thing
Promise Of You
See Off This Mountain
Sign On The Door
Wish In This World

From the Album Misguided Roses

Cleveland Park
Darwin's Children
Grind Me In The Gears
Holy City
How Strange It Seems
I'll Be
I've Got To Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That
Punish Me
Rhythm of Life
See The Sky Again
Take Me
What Matters

From the Album Honor Among Thieves

3 A.M.
America Street
Bitter Chill
Don't Bring Me Down
Jesters, Dreamers, And Thieves
Kitchen Song
Russian Roulette
Sorry To A Friend
Thirty Pieces

Other Songs:
American Street
Beatiful Life
I Don't Know How I Got By
I'll Bee
These Are The Moments

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