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The Eastsidaz Quotes

The Eastsidaz Quotes

I didnít even know Snoop back then. I just heard he was an up and coming rapper on the scene representing my city. I was hearing this from all different gang members, convicts and felons that was coming through to do their piece, and it made me curious as to why they was giving him his props. It was some real serious things giving it up for his city. I been writing rhymes behind the walls since 1987 as a hobby. Just rhymes for the homies, telling tales about my exploits on the streets, what I was gonna do when I touch down.
Tray Dee

It was all a learning process for me from the beginning by me coming in with Snoop at the top of his game with The Chronic and Doggystyle. Me having that large exposure at the inception of my career, I had to take my time and really learn what I was into before I could feel like taking the reigns and riding the horse myself. I let him know that I would be a loyal student and take what he taught me, internalize that so I could handle these matters myself when he no longer be used as a crutch for me.
Tray Dee

It had been five to six years in the making so it wasnít as tense for me as it was for Goldie Loc, because heís younger. He had just appeared on a couple of major projects and I had been on several.
Tray Dee

Iíve been doing it as a kid, because I love rhythm. I used to DJ. I had my two Technics doing my thing for parties and shows. I had just started running the streets about this time and ran into this cat who was trying to get a label and he was down with my work. He was helping me out and funding my muisc, so whatever he paid for I gave him. Snoopís little brother, Pretty Tony, was on the same label [OGís to Wall Street] with me, so I used to come over here with him. Snoop knew me through the streets and the homies telling him about me. Snoop wanted to hear me, but the homies wasnít really trying to go that route.
Goldie Loc

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