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E-40 Quotes

E-40 Quotes

I played in a band and attended Grambling University. I think the Mob style funk music I do was patterned after the big college bands. I was also influenced by groundbreaking efforts of Too Short.

I just feel like I aint never did nothing foul in the game. My ghetto report card has always been straight As across the board. So I said let me go ahead and name this My Ghetto Report Card, and Im touching down on all 4 angles of the game you smell me? Im touching it from all basis. The album aint bananas, its coconuts.

My sister Suga Tee is doing conscious rap. She speaks to the youth. She has an album coming out soon. She got saved but she is still doing her thing. She still spits good game. Shes talented. She sings. I dont know if a lot of people know this but Suga Tee has a beautiful voice. So yall look out for her album you dig? And look forward to a future Clique album.

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