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Drowningman Discography

Drowningman Discography

Don't Push Us When We're Hot
August 23rd, 2005 

1. Yeah, You're Pretty But Do You Think You'll Really Get Away with It?
2. John Cougar Mellencamp Is the White Devil
3. Dude Status: Revoked
4. Today's Special: Still Beating Hearts
5. White People Are Stupid 
6. Drowningman Dance Party, Bring Your Own Bodybag
7. "Dear God, Life Is Hell"
8. The Last Honest Man Sells Out
9. Major Disappointment Reporting for Duty
10. Luck, Love, Life Time Gaurantees and Other Things Assholes Believe In 

Rock And Roll Killing Machine 
Release Date: 2001

1 When People Become Numbers 3:01 
2 Last Weeks Minutes From the Meeting of the Secret Society of Your Friends Who Actually Hate You 3:14 
3 The Truly Dangerous Nature of a Man Who Doesn't Care If He Lives or Dies 2:28 
4 Rock and Roll Killing Machine 3:38 
5 Code Breaking Hearts 2:30 
6 My First Restraining Order 4:06 
7 This Years Most Fashionable Signs of Weakness 3:59 
8 If God Loves a Winner He's Going to Want to Fuck Me in a Minute (Born to Break Even) 2:30 
9 Angles and Defenses 3:08 

How They Light Cigarettes in Prison
Release Date: 2000

1. Black-Tie Knife-Fight
2. Radio Tuned to the Sounds of Hearts Breaking
3. A Quick Prayer to the Patron Saint of Dirty Rest Area Bathrooms and ...
4. How They Light Cigarettes in Prison 

Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline 
Release Date: June 15th, 1998 

1 Condoning the Use of Inhalants 2:43 
2 High School Slow Dance 3:35 
3 Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline 2:19 
4 Sadder Than Saturday 2:50 
5 Mail Order Kidney 2:31 
6 Trouble Breathing 2:32 
7 Supermarket Riot 3:16 
8 Clothesline 1:41 

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