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The Donnas Quotes

The Donnas Quotes

Well we have enough money to [do a video] right now. MTV called and asked Lookout if we had a video and we said no, because we don't. Technically we could make one, but it would be so low budget that they'd probably only play it on 120 Minutes. So why bother? Because the point of having a video is promotion and nobody really watches 120 Minutes.
Donna R

Basically all we did was get registered and take care of some little classes but really didn't actually get into college, if you know what I mean. College is boring.
Donna R

If you want to be in a band, just practice a lot. Start a band with your best friends, because you don't want to be changing members all the time and you don't want to be working with a bunch of assholes.
Allison: I wouldn't bother if you're going to be one of those girls that makes people carry everything for you, and is going to be worried about how you look. It's hard work.
Donna F

Also, one time, when we were in New York, this guy wanted to take us to a bar, and we got carded, so we had to leave. Then we went to another, and the same thing happened. We went to a third, and he said, "They never card anyone here - ever!" and of course, they did. It's just lame.
Donna C

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