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Dixie Chicks Quotes

In the late 1980s, before Natalie Maines joined the group], [w]e were playing on the street corner...and people were asking us what our band was, and we didn't have a band name. So, we were on our way down to the street corner one night and that Little Feat song ['Dixie Chickens'] came on the radio. And we thought, wow, we'll be the Dixie Chickens. That'd be a cute, catchy name

"We chose it (Wide Open Spaces) to be the title cut of the album 'cause first of all, it's all three of our favorite song and we feel like it really represents where we are right now in our careers as far as, we were all girls who grew up dreamin' of doin' this and playing instruments and singing and so we hope it inspires a lot of other people to go out and follow their dream." -Natalie

"Well Natalie, up until Terri Clark I guess, we thought she was the only one who ever melted a microphone -- blew up a microphone in the studio because of how strong their voice is. You can actually blow one up but Terri Clark, we found out, was another person. She's got such a strong, you know, pointed kind of voice." -Martie

Everyone thinks cause you live in Texas--ooh!--you wear a cowboy hat and listen to country music. [But] I had the half-shaved head and did not listen to country music...To me, growing up as a teenager it seemed like rock 'n' roll was so much more--it was just more real.

I remember the day that they called and said we had a record deal. And that felt like the biggest moment, because we'd made several jaunts to Nashville and been turned down several times, and so I guess at that moment, I felt like we had [arrived]--finally the doors opened wide to the possibility of doing something great.

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