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Dir en grey Profile

Dir en grey Profile

Formed: in Osaka, Japan (1997) after the break up of the band La: Sadie's

Japanese rock

Tooru "Kyo" Nishimura - Vocals
Kaoru Niikura - Guitar
Daisuke "Die" Andou - Guitar
Toshimasa "Toshiya" Hara - Bass
Shinya Terachi - Drums

Originally Called: Deathmask

Debut EP: MISSA (EP) (July 25th, 1997)

Debut Album: GAUZE (July 28th, 1999)

Did You Know:
Started out as part of Japan's Visual Kei movement, Dir en grey has opted for less flamboyant attires in recent years.

In 2000, vocalist Kyo was hospitalized with hearing trouble (he still is partially deaf in his left ear).

After more shows in Europe in summer 2006, singer Kyo was hospitalized in July, due to inflamed vocal cords.

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