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Die Trying Quotes

Die Trying Quotes

I have to say you know like my friends, Papa Roach, Andrew WK, Hoobastank, Saliva, from alien ant farm to the linkin park guys, I like to be on tour with friends. You can be on tour with the greatest band in the world, if their a bunch of assholes its no fun.

I never minded it until Iíve been scared to lose my record deal because I havenít sold enough records and you know itís a real pain in the ass to sell records. Because when you sell a gang load of records, you have three times as many fans as you sold records because you know they all burned it. You know I donít have a problem with burning records, free music is awesome, and music should be free. But with the bands that are out right now your not gonna, their gonna lose their record deals. Their recordings are gonna get cheaply made because everyoneís cheapening the quality of rock and roll by getting it for free, if they put the money into it they get more out of it.

I used to pour concrete, made good money made more then I make now, but you know what, I donít have to wake up at 5, 5:30 in the morning you know, its all worth it, Iím having fun so its awesome.

Practice with your band six days a week or it's not gonna happen. You don't make anything yourself if it is part-time. If you want it to be your job ... you have to make it your job. You have to go to band practice. If you drink more beers than you play songs, then you have a problem.

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