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Dexter Freebish Quotes

We all kind of have our own little thing that we do and the worst is when you have like a promoter or somebody in the business end of it coming to you like 'You guys gotta get together.' Kyle likes to go off by himself. He likes to go off by himself and just chill out. I like to sit and warm up. I like to be in the crowd and just get the vibe but, I like to warm up just on my leg.
Rob Schilz

One of the old drummers for the band, he was not in the band for very long, his uncle worked at AstroWorld and he actually got killed by the Dexter Freebish. He was standing on the track and it came and killed him, which is really bizarre.
Rob Schilz

Actually weíre both computer geeks. I worked at Apple and he was at a publishing company.
Scott Romig

Literally the high point of our day everyday is getting up on stage. Thatís the best thing that could happen no matter how good your day is. No matter how bad your day is thatís the best part of your day. I mean if we didnít have that I would go crazy.
Rob Schilz

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