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Def Leppard Quotes

My manager, Cliff Bernstein, gave me a phone call. I wasn’t surprised because I thought I would get that call one day. All he said was, “They found Steve.” I was shocked but I wasn’t surprised.
Phil Collen

The real difference with the whole thing associated with Steve is very tragic. The whole thing with Rick ended up such a positive thing. Rick was a guy overcoming a full blown, @#$%& your life up and commit suicide kind of tragedy. Instead of doing that, he came back and said, “What is this then? This is going to be like playing with one arm tied behind my back. No arm? No problem.” It really turned into a great human story of a person overcoming a really shitty situation.
Phil Collen

Some of the songs are really catchy and commercial sounding. It is just great to release this stuff and get it out there. People ask me what it is like singing and playing the guitar and I tell them it really great. There are not a lot of places anymore that you can decide in a split second if you are going to sing the next verse or just jam out a little bit. You just can’t do that with a really structured five piece or four piece. With a three piece you can just go nuts.
Phil Collen

The great thing was that I was in London and I didn’t have all my shit there. I had my guitar and my little combo amp. No one could hear it so I had to really crank it up. It was really exciting. It is very different than what I do with Def Leppard where I have my really big ass @#$%& expensive guitar rig and in ear monitors. I can hear everything perfectly. With Man-Raze we rehearsed in this gritty little room where people were stealing the rims off our car outside. It was so London. Even though Def Leppard is British, they are from Sheffield. London is a different vibe. I am not patriotic by a long shot but I kind of tip my hat to the fact that I am from London and the other guys do too. The band sounds really fresh and cool.
Phil Collen

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