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Deee-Lite Quotes

Deee-Lite Quotes

One of our major inspirations is Sly and the Family Stone just because of their emphasis on positivty and beauty and good messages. We like a lot of the house music and hip-hop. Towha co-produced the Jungle Brothers latest album called "Done by the Forces of Nature and A Tribe Called Quest" with Q-Tip. Also, we like De La Soul, whom we opened for at the Ritz in August.
Kier "Lady Miss Kier" M. Kirby

I don't want to be an icon for others, what I do want to show is that an individual can do whatever he likes and can go as far as he wants. Its up to them to take it to the limit. There is no limit. Its not about telling people what to do.
Dmitri "Super DJ Dmitri" Brill 

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