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Dark Tranquillity Quotes

Dark Tranquillity Quotes

We focused more on writing real songs this time. We wanted to get away from putting too much stuff into every individual song. We wanted all the songs to be different from each other, to really stand out. We also wanted it to be heavy. We really focused on making each song really heavy. I think the songwriting is very different. We have songs that are really heavy and have songs that are more melancholy and atmospheric.
Mikael Stanne

Even back then I always sang. Niklas (Sundin) and I wrote the lyrics and I wrote the vocal lines, so I was always singing in the rehearsal room anyway. When Anders (Friden, the bandís original vocalist and current In Flames member) didnít show up for rehearsal I would sing in his place. And I was a crappy guitar player. When we fired Anders we decided I would sing and we get a new guitar player.
Mikael Stanne

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