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Danzig Profile

Group Name: Danzig

Genre(s): Heavy metal / Doom metal

Glenn Danzig - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Eerie Von - Bass (1987-1995)
John Christ - Guitar (1987-1995)
Chuck Biscuits - Drums (1987-1994)
Joey Castillo - Drums (1994-2002)
Josh Lazie - Bass (1996-1997, 1998-2000)
Dave Kushner - Guitar (1997)
Rob Nicholson - Bass (1997- 1998), Later played with Rob Zombie under the psuedonym "Blasko"
Jeff Chambers - Guitar (1998-1999)
Todd Youth - Guitar (2000-2002)
Howie Pyro - Bass (2000-2002)
Charlee Johnson - Drums (2002)
Tommy Victor - Guitar (1997-1998, 2002-2005)
Jerry Montano - Bass (2002-Present)
Bevan Davies - Drums (2004-2005)
Johnny Kelly - Drums (2002-2003, 2005-Present)
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein - Guitar (2005 Tour)

From: New Jersey, USA

Nationality: American

Debut Album: Danzig (1988)

Did You Know:
Glenn Danzig's is also part of Horror punk band The Misfits, and the Deathrock band, Samhain

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