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Cream Discography

Cream Discography

Live Cream Volume II 
Release Date: 1972

A1 Deserted Cities of the Heart 4:32 
A2 White Room 5:39 
A3 Politician 5:05 
A4 Tales of Brave Ulysses 4:44 
B1 Sunshine of Your Love 7:22 
B2 Steppin' Out 13:45 

Live Cream 
Release Date: 1970

A1 N.S.U. 10:13 
A2 Sleepy Time Time 6:50 
A3 Lawdy Mama 2:48 
B1 Sweet Wine 15:08 
B2 Rollin' and Tumblin' 6:34 

Release Date: February 5th, 1969 

A1 I'm So Glad [live] 9:13 
A2 Politician [live] 6:19 
B1 Sitting on Top of the World [live] 5:01 
B2 Badge 2:45 
B3 Doing That Scrapyard Thing 3:14 
B4 What a Bringdown 3:56 

Wheels of Fire 
Release Date: 1968

A1 White Room 4:57 
A2 Sitting on Top of the World 4:56 
A3 Passing the Time 5:45 
A4 As You Said 4:19 
B1 Pressed Rat and Warthog 3:14 
B2 Politician 4:11 
B3 Those Were the Days 2:53 
B4 Born Under a Bad Sign 3:09 
B5 Deserted Cities of the Heart 4:34 
Live at the Fillmore 
C1 Crossroads 4:14 
C2 Spoonful 16:45 
D1 Traintime 6:52 
D2 Toad 15:53 

Disraeli Gears 
Release Date: 1967

A1 Strange Brew 2:47 
A2 Sunshine of Your Love 4:13 
A3 World of Pain 3:05 
A4 Dance the Night Away 3:34 
A5 Blue Condition 3:32 
B1 Tales of Brave Ulysses 2:47 
B2 Swlabr 2:35 
B3 We're Going Wrong 3:29 
B4 Outside Woman Blues 2:27 
B5 Take It Back 3:08 
B6 Mother's Lament 2:01 

Fresh Cream 
Release Date: October 28th, 1966

A1 I Feel Free 2:53 
A2 N.S.U. 2:48 
A3 Sleepy Time Time 4:22 
A4 Dreaming 2:01 
A5 Sweet Wine 3:20 
A6 Spoonful 6:33 
B1 Cat's Squirrel 3:05 
B2 Four Until Late 2:10 
B3 Rollin' and Tumblin' 4:43 
B4 I'm So Glad 3:59 
B5 Toad 5:09 

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