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Crazy Town Profile

Crazy Town Profile


Shifty Shellshock (Seth Brooks Binzer) (vocals)
Epic Mazur (Bret Mazur) (vocals)
Kraig "Squirrel" Tyler (guitar)
Antonio Lorenzo Valli (guitar)
Doug "Faydoe" Miller (bass)
DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) (Turntables)
Rust Epique
Kyle Hollinger (drums)

Former Members:
JBJ (James Bradley Jnr.) (drums)

Formed: in 1995, in Hollywood, CA

Debut Album: The Gift of Game (1999)

Breakthrough Singles:
"Butterfly" (2000)
"Revolving Door" (2001)

Did You Know:
Their hit single "Butterfly" samples the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Pretty Little Ditty"

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